Istanbul Grille

The best Turkish dining in Pittsburgh

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See what the critics say!
  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “Istanbul Grille serves authentic Turkish cuisine,” by Pam Starr: 10 January 2010 www | pdf
  • Pop City “Your Inner Vagabond coffeehouse reborn as flavorful Istanbul restaurant,” by Caralyn Green: 28 October 2009 www | pdf
  • Pop City “Istanbul Grille opens new Downtown Pittsburgh location,” by Rob Cullen: 9 April 2009 www | pdf
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Munch goes to the Istanbul Grille”: 2 April 2009 www | pdf
  • City Paper “Best of 2008 Staff Picks: food + drink”: 11 December 2008 www | pdf
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Magazine &quote Dining Review: Istanbul Grille expands with a delicious new room in Shadyside” by China Millman: 2 October 2008 www| pdf
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ” On The Menu: For fast dinner, look beyond the drive-through” by China Millman: 24 August 2008 www|pdf
  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “Turkish cuisine on menu in Shadyside,” by Mark Houser: 14 August 2008 www | pdf
  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ” Oakland Grille Features High-Quality Turkish Food,” by Dave DeSimone: 2 April 2008 www|pdf
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  • City Paper ” Review”, by Angelique Bamber and Jason Roth: 1 November 2007www|pdf
  • Pittsburgh Tribune Review p.m. ” Lunch Review,” by Michael Machosky: 1 August 2007www|pdf


  • Istanbul Grille Urban Spoon Listing www
  • Istanbul Grille Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership Listing www
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